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Triptych no. 7

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This is the seventh in this line made up of sets of three unique and unrepeatable rings created to be together, even if they are three separate rings in all respects.
The idea came to me because I love overlapping rings, but I wanted to create something different.
In fact, they are all different and the first reason is because the gems I use all have different cuts and colours.
It is precisely from it, in this case a purple spinel, that I start by building the first ring, around which two other bands will embrace it.
I try to follow their morphology, playing with finishes, materials and details.

The materials:
1) burnished silver and contrasting shiny dots
2)polished yellow bronze with spinel
3) satin silver with CD rom rectangle

It is a one size fits all 17.5mm internal diameter, therefore a size 15.

The technique used is that of lost wax, because it gives me the opportunity to create more plastic and sculptural shapes; it allows me to make the right joints between the rings.
Since they are unique pieces, we can decide together how to build yours.

But what are the steps?

1) First of all, know your size, click here for the guide
2) Second, choose the Mother Gem from which to start
3) Set a style or element of inspiration: soft or more geometric lines, water or flowers for example.
4) Materials: such as yellow bronze and silver, but also gold
5) Decorations and details for the other two rings (glitter or CD ROM)
6) Finishes: polished, sandblasted, satin, diamond or burnished.

By working with imagination and creativity, something special will necessarily be born.
For questions and clarifications do not hesitate to write to me. You can do this via the infobox in contacts .


techniques used: wax processing for lost wax casting technique, filing, papering, setting, polishing, satin finishing


Yellow bronze, 925 silver, spinel, CD rom

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