The project

LEFIL because everything starts from a thread, whether it is metal or the one created by my pencil when I draw the ideas that pass through my head.

The thread is a metaphor for the path that has led me to today . If you think about it you imagine something small, thin and almost imperceptible; but at the same time the thread is something that can never end, that binds and unites, therefore strengthens and forms.

When I chose the name I didn't have a clear idea of ​​what my project would one day become. Everything was faint and uncertain, but the sure thing was that whatever I was doing was fun and made me feel good, inviting me to continue.

When I realized that I wanted to become a goldsmith, I knew it would be a difficult choice. I started from nothing, with nothing in hand except the desire and curiosity to learn and experiment , but this was only the beginning of the problem. Little by little, with time and dedication this thread began to become more and more resistant and important.

This is why LEFIL! I imagine it flowing quickly as if it were the horizon line, but not in a regular manner, with ups and downs, but the sure thing is that it continues to run"


LEFIL was born in 2018 in Bologna from Cristina Benedetti's need to vent her creativity.

Having completed his school career at the F. Arcangeli art school, he understood that his greatest passion was for the world of jewellery. Driven by a deep desire to learn, she attended a course at a Roman goldsmith's shop, where she learned the basics of traditional banquet techniques. Subsequently, as still today, Cristina continues to experiment and approach new working methods, including the modeling of wax or 3D drawing.

Finally he follows a professional setting course with microscope and engraving at the Vicenza institute.