When we buy a jewel...

Do we ever think about all its production phases?
How does it get to jewelry stores?
How many hands did this wonderful material have to go through?
Can it be defined as sustainable?


We all agree that gold is a fantastic and perfect metal for making jewelry, both for its physical properties and its aesthetic characteristics.

We often think that the hard work hidden behind an artefact is only that of the goldsmith , who after hours of study on the design, then moves on to the actual creation of the object.
In reality we are only the last carriage of a very long train that begins with the extraction of this noble metal.

Although gold and silver waste has always been recycled since ancient times, unfortunately it cannot meet global demand, so it is mined again.
Of the latter, the majority comes from large industrial mines or LSGs, while the remainder comes from artisanal mines or ASMs.

  • LSG

    LSGs are managed by large companies and use methods with a high environmental impact and are hyper-mechanised.

  • ASM

    On the contrary, ASMs are small cooperatives, often family-run, which extract gold manually and almost without the help of automated means.

  • It is a very tiring and tiring job that they find themselves having to do just to survive, and which is often not even paid fairly .

    Being the first carriage of this long train, the miners find themselves in an unstable situation where buyers feel entitled to exploit them and pay them up to 30% less than what the London Bullion Market establishes as the market price .

    In all this, Fairmined plays a very important role between the market around the world and the mining communities that produce gold in an ethical manner.

    Fairmined is a guarantee label that certifies gold coming from regulated and responsible artisanal mining organizations . Transform mining into an active force for improvement, ensuring social development and environmental protection .

    Fairmined is supported by a rigorous certification system that ensures artisanal mining organizations meet industry-wide standards for responsible practices.

    The Fairmined Initiative was created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) , a non-profit organization recognized globally as a leader and pioneer of responsible mining that promotes and protects the sustainability of mining processes through regular audits.

    A precious certificate

    This document attests
    that gold and silver used
    by LEFIL they are Fairmined certified