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Small Pollen earrings

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Very fine powder that allows plants to fertilize and grow others. It is in spring that pollination mostly occurs, the time of the year when everything awakens and shines again.
“The days become warm and a warm sun makes room in the cold skies swept by the wind. Waking up from hibernation, the rich earth begins to quiver with daisies and prepares to raise an emerald blanket. And we human beings begin to go out and rediscover the epidermal pleasure of escaping the shadow."
Like the suckers that emerge from the twigs, my buds peek out from the new earrings in this collection that I have decided to call 'POLLINE'.

cit. @unaparolaalgiorno_it

This line aims to offer jewels with fairly simple shapes but with a lot of attention to detail and with ample customization possibilities.
In addition to the model you like best, you can choose the material, the color of the gem, but above all the finish: polished, satin, burnished in the case of silver and sandblasted, which gives a very elegant matte effect.

Three models of mini hoop earrings are available:
-one in sandblasted yellow bronze with shiny contrasting dots and ag pin
-one in sandblasted silver with shiny contrasting dots
-one in sandblasted burnished silver with shiny contrasting dots

techniques used: wax processing for lost wax casting technique, filing, papering, setting, polishing


Fairmined silver, yellow bronze, cubic zirconia

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