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Pendant with Orchid

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Necklace with orchid engraved pendant.

This flower is considered the emblem of passion, and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most exchanged plants between lovers as it transmits a message of love that lasts over time.

“According to Greek mythology, the appearance of the orchid on Earth derives from a drama. Orchis was the son of a Nymph and a Satyr. She stood out for her beauty, her courage and also for her passion. However, it was precisely audacity that betrayed Orchis. In fact, the boy fell in love with a priestess of the god Dionysus and tried to seduce her against her will. This gesture unleashed the anger of Dionysus who had him torn to pieces by the forest animals.

The other gods, however, felt sorry for Orchis and decided to transform him into a flower that would be the symbol of all the qualities that the young man did not have. Orchis was disdainful, while her flower would be delicate. His exuberance would have been transformed into fragility. Thus the orchid was born for the ancient Greeks. The only traits of the boy that were preserved were his beauty and minimal strength, stored in the roots of the plant. It is no coincidence that Orchis means "testicle", a definition that still remains today for the term "orchid" precisely because its roots are strong and represent masculinity. This aspect would also be demonstrated by the particular shape of the flower.”

The pendant is made of 925 silver with traditional banquet techniques, then engraved by hand and on the back decorated with keum-boo, a Korean technique with pure gold leaf
The chain, also made of silver, 50 cm long, can be shortened or oxidized upon request.


Silver, 24 kt gold

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