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Genesis Ring

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This line was born from the need to take back into hand the most ancient and traditional techniques of goldsmith's work: starting from the fusion of the metal to obtain the ingot with which to decide whether to transform it into a plate or wire, and then cutting, shaping, filing and welding, until to obtain the desired object.

Two types of gems are the protagonists of the collection: Boulder opals and dendritic agates .

each jewel is a unique piece and therefore it is possible to create new ones to measure, choosing the gem together.

Dendritic agates are a variety of chalcedony quartz characterized by dark ramifications that may resemble organic inclusions similar to ferns, but in reality the dendrites are nothing more than traces of iron or manganese filtered through thin fractures during the crystallization of the stone.

The size of the ring is 17.2 mm in internal diameter, therefore 14 Ita


925 silver, 750 gold, dendritic agate

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