Obviously I tried to adapt the topic by making it my own and without distorting my style. The main material of the project are CD-ROMs, which we almost no longer use. The thing I love about using CD-ROMs is that I can decide the shape it can take by piercing it with a hacksaw, not like with stones which I find already cut. Thanks to their iridescent and slightly magical reflection, they are in perfect harmony with the shine of the jewels. Small precise shapes are cut and set as if they were stones.

It is not at all easy to obtain small precise shapes, in fact to get a good result you need to have a lot of patience. Anyone who has ever handled a CD knows that it is made up of several layers, one of these, very thin, is precisely the one that creates the iridescent effect. Since I had this idea, many possibilities have opened up to me and as a result I am able to give vent to my creativity in every way. Initially I thought it would be a collection as an end in itself, then I decided to carry it forward in parallel with the more classic one with stones. I liked the idea of ​​having “eco-sustainable” jewelery and so I did.