Jewelry care

Small premise: skin type is different from person to person. Sometimes a particular acidity of the PH can accelerate the oxidation process: it is a natural, totally subjective process.

If you notice that your skin gets stained by wearing jewellery, it is not an allergy, just wash the affected area with soap and it will go away.

That said, here's how to take care of your jewelry:

First of all, protect them from humidity as much as possible

So when they are not used, it is better to store them safely in a small box or bag, separated by metals. An excellent solution is also to put anti-humidity bags with silica gel inside (which are usually found when buying shoes).
The latter will not allow condensation to form and therefore slow down the oxidation process.

Non-plated jewelery is not afraid of water

The materials used are: yellow bronze (copper and tin alloy), natural silver and gold so they can be worn even in the shower, nothing happens, indeed, every time they are soaped up, a thin patina is already removed, but I recommend drying them very well afterwards.

Every now and then do a deeper cleaning

You can use:

1) Bicarbonate and vinegar/citric acid with the addition of a little hot water, until a solution is created which will trigger a foamy chemical reaction. Once the pieces are immersed, after a short while rinsing with a little soap and drying them they will be clean again. Use this solution preferably on pieces without gems.

2) Toothpaste put a little on an old toothbrush, rub well, rinse and dry carefully (always pay attention to the gems).

3) Sidol or Argentil : the best option. They are produced in metal shiny cream. Even these, placed in a small quantity on a cloth, rub and in an instant you will see the metal shine. If there are any product residues, you can soap the piece, rinse and dry well and the jewel will look like new.