“The ways to play are countless!”

It is the line with which you can indulge yourself endlessly, choosing from the shapes, to the material, the finishes and the gems, creating your favorite combinations.

It is made up of earrings and rings, the latter can be stacked in sets or placed individually.

There are four shapes to choose from, one of which is made up of two shapes already welded together. They can be stacked on one finger or divided.

For earrings, however, you can choose between three designs: circle, square and triangle; the pairs are deliberately mismatched in shape, while you can also choose the same gems. NB: all earrings, even those in bronze, always have a pin that enters the ear hole in 925 silver.

This is the color palette of gems available to create your set.

They are all natural stones, from mother of pearl to labradorite, really many shades and they are the same ones that I mount on both rings and earrings.